At the northeastern edge of Greece, the mountain range of Rhodope  at the north and the Thracian Sea at the south mark the boundaries of the region of Rodopi. It is a land of natural diversity. Mountainous tracts of land with high mountain peaks, a rich and fertile plain as well as beautiful beaches make up an ideal destination for excursions close to nature.

At the mountain villages of Nimfea, Organi, Kardamo, Mirtiski and Chloe, the few inhabitants are involved  in cultivating the famous tobacco variety of Basma and in livestock farming.



As we move to the South, we meet lakes and lagoons, like Ismarida lake with its freshwater and water lilies, Ptelea, Elos, Aliki, Ksirolimni, along with one of the most beautiful wetlands of Greece : Lake Vistonida, a small treasure. Over 300 bird species have been observed here as well as a unique colony of Herons located in  the area opposite the village of Porto Lagos.

And right where the Thracian Sea waves meet the shore, busy seaside fishing villages with sandy beaches, like Fanari and also other, less touristy, nevertheless of rich history villages, like Maronia can be found. Many of them are great gastronomic destinations with small taverns and traditional coffee houses  which are built almost where the waves break, offering exceptional fresh fish for demanding palates and a breathtaking view that relaxes your soul. And right about here, we come across the famous local wine. As tradition has it, the ingenious Odysseus blinded Cyclops Polifimos after he had got him drunk with local wine.

Komotini is the capital of the district. It is a contemporary town that harmonically combines European and Eastern elements in its architecture, culture and people.

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