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A station of ancient Via Egnatia which was barricaded in the 4th century AD by the people of Mosinupolis and was finally destroyed by raids, evolved into the byzantine town of Kumutzina and later on to the city of Komotini.

Whenever Komotini comes up in a discussion, people rarely avoid clichés like the “multicultural” or “of rich diversity” capital of Thrace. This is virtually true, though, for it is a place where bicultural coexistence is brought into being.

A walk in the streets of the town will showcase this unique experience…Different languages, different religions, ONE peaceful coexistence. A cultural blend that is one of a kind.

Here, at the northeastern side of Greece, the one of less popularity to tourists, a city with roughly 50,000 residents has much to unveil.

From the street market taking place every Saturday behind the municipal swimming pool, the cobbled Gravias and Ipirou streets with the traditional coffee mills and tinware shops to the pastry shops with their famous syrup desserts and the antique stores along Orfeos street, every step has a pleasant surprise to offer.

The modern aspect of Komotini is also very captivating. A lively and contemporary city able to satisfy every visitor’s tastes. We recommend that you start your stroll from the historical centre. 

At Archbishop Chrissanthos Square you can have a cup of coffee at the modern coffee house of Massali or under the shade of the big plane tree at Amalagia traditional café. Soon enough you will get a good grasp on the vibrancy of the city which never seems to rest.

They say that Komotini never sleeps. You will have a good chance to find out for yourself at the all-day bars located at the central square. Theatro, Belair, Away, Avant Garde and Scenario…stay up late! Other bars have their fans too, either because of the special live acts they hold, like Journey rock club or jazzy Marmelada wine bar or because of their alternative music and imaginative cocktail recipes like LOUKI bar.


The University and its campus contributes enormously to the urban pulse. Students along with the youth of the city fuel its cultural events and nightlife. Sometimes at dawn, as they return from their nights out on the town, their laughter can be heard, covering the psalms from the Church of the Assumption of Mary or the muezzin’s voice coming from the White Mosque. They say that as a student of the university of Komotini you cry two times : one when you arrive and one while leaving.

The past and the present mix up evenly in a special combination not only in the city but also  out in the villages of the region.

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We undertake to “travel” you from end to end, in our place, in the hospitable corner of Thrace, which we know well. We can share experiences, stories, tastes, moments and images. What could be more beautiful than living in the area … as a local !!!


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