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Kayaking is one of the most popular activities on a boat. It is ideal for sea lovers, for people seeking an undemanding sea experience, and also for parents who wish to get involved in a common activity with their kids. No special abilities are required- at least for a beginner’s ride- while it offers amusement, mild exercise, wellness, and peace of mind. 

Nevertheless, abilities in kayaking can evolve simultaneously with your physical condition, turning this way kayaking into your favorite sport while getting you as fit as possible. We are here to support you on this one

Our already known kayaking tours along the beaches of Fanari or the one-of-a-kind coasts of Maronia (Kagkeles, Marmaritsa and Sinaksi) will offer you an experience you will never forget. You will be amazed by the breathtaking view of these places as seen while at sea!

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Suitable for families 95%
Suitable for childrens 90%
Physical fitness required 50%
Workout level 80%
Athlete development 100%

At watersports KOUPI, we rent seaworthy boats so that you can explore the region from “the inside” , fish or just enjoy a laidback ride with wonderful views to charge your mind with. The exciting coastline of Maronia, the warm sun and the blue sky are main ingredients of a delightful ride and eventually of a unique summer experience offered exclusively by KOUPI watersports.

Fishing enthusiasts will have the chance to rent kayak boats adapted to their hobby. Put your fishing gear, water and beverages into the customised cases and paddle to that very point where you can catch your own fish at the Thracian Sea!


 Kayaking is a sport easily accessible to people with special needs or disabilities. We are in close collaboration with the association of people with kinetic disabilities PERPATO and we perform actions by kayak such as simple rides or fishing. If you want us to help you with your ride or excursion at sea, just let us know.

Kayak tours

We organise daily excursions to the coasts of Rodopi you wish to explore, visit places of interest of the region, taste local flavours in taverns and restaurants and… have fun at cultural events.

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