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Kayak tour from Kageles beach to Marmatitsa and back

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As we move away from Kagkeles beach and leave the port of Agios Haralambos behind, we arrive at the beach of Marmaritsa. The scenery starts changing while grey and white rocks hulk above the sea. These rocks are practically the remains of ancient quarries that once were there.

The area is of high geological interest since it is part of the Maronia –Makri shift. The remaining segment of the shift  is 5 metres high while the rest of it vanishes into the sea.

The majestic beauty of the dry  and of low vegetation landscape along with the clear, deep waters set our kayak tour scenery at this part of the route. The small, isolated beaches formed between the rocks offer you moments of tranquility and relaxation.

Whenever the weather is clear, Samothraki can be seen peaking above the sea giving you the impression that you can reach it with just a little more paddling.

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Suggested hourly schedule

Suitable for families 40%
Suitable for children 40%
Physical condition required 60%

Arrange your own tour!

We can transport our boats and gear to the coasts of Rodopi you wish to explore, visit places of interest of the region, taste local flavors in taverns and restaurants and… have fun at cultural events.


  • Participants should bring a hat, sunscreen, warm water, snacks, a beach towel, and swimsuit.
  • There are watertight compartments inside the boats for storing your personal belongings, however it is recommended that they should be kept in drybags or plastic bags.
  • During the trip, it is best to paddle in a relaxed manner so that everyone can enjoy the ride.


  • A participation of four is required for the excursions.
  • Prices include full rental of a seaworthy kayak boat equipped with a special seat for comfortable paddling, life jackets, a water resistant bag of 15 lt, instructions for a
    safe and pleasant trip and a staff member escort.
  • Weather conditions are taken into account for the tour. 

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